Our Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse group of professionals and prominent community figures. Members of our Board all hold the LifeChronicles mission to the highest standards while advising on policies and procedures, searching for funding, developing programs, and raising the awareness of the purpose and services of LifeChronicles.


Executive Committee


Jeff Martinez


Ashley Parker Snider

Jen Parks

Jen Parks


Sharon Kayser


Board Members


Maria Rickard Arroyo

Kate Carter

Kate Carter

Julie Taguchi

Julie Taguchi M.D.

Kathy Ackley

Kathy Ackley


Working with our Board of Directors is our Advisory Board, select individuals who generously lend their professional expertise to LifeChronicles.

Terry Bartlett, Esq.

David B. Biehl

William Cirone, Santa Barbara County Superintendent of Schools

Diane Doiron, CLU

Kenneth S. Kosik, M.D., Co-Dir. Neuroscience Research Inst., UCSB

Thomas Mouser, M.D., Chief Med. Officer, Hospice of Central Iowa

Mary Ellen Tiffany

Judi Weisbart


Our Board of Reference is a body of individuals who value the mission and goals of Life Chronicles and continuously provide a variety of support to our organization.

David Bearman, M.D.

Keith C. Berry

DonnaLee Caringella – In memorium

David Cumes, M.D.

Joe DeWitt, Emeritus

Silvio DiLoreto – In memorium

David Edelman

Ellen Fogel, M.S.W.

Thomas Fogel, M.D.

Val Franco

Kay Hoyt, Emeritus

Shirley Ann Hurley

Gerd Jordano

Peter Jordano

Frederic C. Kass, M.D.

Wayne Kees, In Memorium

Maryellen Kelley – In memorium

Marian Koonce

Steven Stratton – Emeritus

Mark Levine, Emeritus

Gary Linker, Ph.D.

Leslie Lund, Emeritus

Warner McGrew, Emeritus

Donna Christine McGuire, Emeritus

Harriett Miller, In Memorium

Sharon Morrow, Emeritus

David Pintard

Gail Rink, In Memorium

Ben Romo

Karyn M. Sandburg, Ph.D.

Linda Schwartz, Emeritus

Cynder Sinclair

Mary Solis

Betty Weisman, In Memorium

Supervisor Janet Wolf

Jaynie Wood, M.S., C.L.S.

Peter Kuo – Emeritus and

Sean Mason – Emeritus