Founder’s Message

Kate Carter, Founder

Kate Carter, Founder

The work of LifeChronicles has always been about bringing comfort to families in crisis. After Baby Cole passed, his mother watched his LifeChronicles video and she called us to say, “I can’t touch him or smell him, but I can see him and hear him and that means everything to me.” You can imagine the gratitude we felt knowing we had helped to soothe her pain.

Capturing the life stories of a loved one by preserving them on film is such a joy to see. It is wonderful to witness the relief our clients feel when they receive their video.

For those who are experiencing a serious illness, the first thing we want them to know is that creating a video is not about giving up their battle with the illness. It’s about creating something that their loved ones will cherish even if all works out and the person being filmed lives to be 100.

Families are forever grateful for the love and courage shown in a LifeChronicles video.