Who We Are

The story of LifeChronicles  is a story of a deeply personal experience that became a mission to serve people everywhere. In 1998, Kate Carter was reeling from the news that a dear friend with breast cancer had been informed that her disease was advancing rapidly. ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) had taken her husband only 15 months before, leaving Kate’s friend to raise their three children alone.

While friends and family pulled together to provide for the future care of the children, Kate collaborated with her friend to produce a video that would keep her love alive for them for years to come. It was this experience that inspired Kate to create a service – really a gift – possible for many people, everywhere. After 18 years, LifeChronicles has helped more than 1,400 clients preserve memories and expressions of love on video.

LifeChronicles began simply as a way to preserve memories. It has grown into a remarkable way to bring healing and connection to families with loved ones – whether they be seniors or those facing serious illness – who are facing the end of life, and it allows them to do so with dignity, integrity, and respect.