How it Works

How it Works

We have often heard, “It sounds too good to be true!”

The mission of LifeChronicles is to heal and connect through legacy videos. Our focus is elderly family members or a seriously ill loved one. This has been our mission since 1998, and while we ask families to donate to the extent that they are able, no one is ever turned away due to economic status…no one!


Our process is simple – we take care of everything:

  • We bring all the professional filming equipment to your scheduled, in-home taping appointment.
  • We gently guide our clients through the interview; no preparation is necessary.
  • We handle all editing and production to return a custom DVD of your LifeChronicles experience.

Along with crafting videos, we preserve the memories and wisdom of special people in your life – from their most trivial mannerisms to their deepest essence. To do this effectively requires more than knowledge of how to work a video camera.


As facilitators, we set the stage to make all involved in a taping session relaxed and comfortable. We create an environment that allows for spontaneity and emotional richness. Through our experience and our empathy, we are able to make an empowering and rewarding experience for all involved. We respect and honor confidentiality of all parties involved as well as each client’s beliefs, wishes and unique circumstances.

Our services are available to seniors and individuals of any age who are affected by serious illness such as cancer, ALS, Alzheimer’s, etc. We collaborate with experts and agencies serving our clients to connect with those most in need of our services.

The video services provided range from rough edit footage to full-length edited video, including a photo montage set to the music of your choice. Finished videos average 60-90 minutes in length. Based on your location or situation, we can help you create a video using your own video camera. We are able to serve as facilitators via phone or video conferencing. And, if you have your own footage, we provide editing.


Getting started is easy. Please send an email to or contact us by phone at 805-682-3411. You will find us friendly and easy to talk to, especially if you are in a difficult situation. We will help you navigate through the details of accomplishing this very important gift that will be cherished forever…a LifeChronicles video.