Silver Jubilee!

Silver Jubilee!

Of all the things we have learned along the way, the most important is this: at the end of our days, what matters most is the connections between us. Whether it’s parents who have lost a child, a spouse who has lost their partner, a child who has lost a parent at an age too tender to have any memories, or a person of advancing years, the work of LifeChronicles has brought comfort, memories, and reconnection. Our videos make it possible to re-experience that connection long after someone is gone.

We are grateful to all who have supported us along the way! We are honored to have worked with you, and we’re asking for your financial support to “pay it forward” to another family.

Please join us by giving a gift of memory to those who have no financial means but a great need for this service!

We serve mothers, fathers, spouses, children of all ages, and anyone who wants the most important gift of all for the holidays: the gift of emotions, support, and beautiful memories of their loved ones.

All of us at LifeChronicles wish you and yours the very best of everything in the year ahead!

Your donation is tax deductible. Tax ID#77-0256868