Barbara O – Her Friend’s Video

Barbara O – Her Friend’s Video

March 22, 2006

Dear Kate,

I am sending this donation in honor of my good friend, Lisa, whom I understand you met last week. Lisa is a very dear friend and I have grown a lot watching her face, with grace, what many of us would see as insurmountable obstacles. Lisa told me all about your visit with her and the taping sessions. She had nothing but great things to say about you, and I thank you for all you do and for being another positive force in Lisa’s ever-growing arsenal of weapons.

When I first heard about LifeChronicles, I was a little hesitant. I am a communications consultant and have worked in communications for some 20 years. In my earlier days I oversaw the production of videos myself, including one featuring a young woman who had benefitted from the use of a life-saving pharmaceutical made by the company I was working for. The entire crew was deeply moved by the emotinal and painful story this woman had to tell. Although we all grew from that experience, I felt at times that we were invading this young woman’s privacy. So I was afraid that having “strangers” come into Lisa’s house to record her messages would be invasive of her privacy. Although Lisa is very strong and can surely protect herself, I felt uneasy.

But the more she spoke with you and the more she assured me that she saw this as a positive experience, the better I felt. And now that you’ve been there and recorded her messages, I want to say thank you. Thank you for helping Lisa with this very important task, which we had spoken of doing but didn’t know when or how we’d get it done. Thank you for being such a positive force for her, and thank you on behalf of all of the people you help with this great organization.

Barbara O.