Karen Z-Her Husband’s Alzheimer’s Video

Karen Z-Her Husband’s Alzheimer’s Video


Dear Katie and Oscar,

Thank you so much for the beautiful videos of Phil. As Phil is entering the final stages of Alzheimer’s, confused, lost, barely able to communicate, I cannot tell you how much it means to me and to the entire family to see him in those videos – happy, articulate, intelligent, funny, full of love and life. When I am feeling down, I will pop in a video and remember how lucky I am to have had such a fabulous man in my life.

Oscar, I know you put many, many hours into Phil’s video. The editing is exquisite. Thank you with all my heart.

This video is such a treasure, not just for the immediate family, but for generations to come. I cannot express the depth of our gratitude.

Thank you so much,
Karen Z