Gerry V – Her Video

Gerry V – Her Video

January 24, 2009

Before my mother’s death I audio recorded a few stories she remembered. It was something; but after she died I wished I had so much more.

I had never really known my grandparents and felt a void in my life because of that. When I heard of LifeChronicles it seemed to answer my needs. Thinking I would be leaving a wonderful surprise for my daughter and grandchildren, little did I know how enjoyable it would be for me.

I have planned to leave the DVD in with my will as a surprise for my two daughters and their families. I know they will love hearing and seeing the stories.

Lately I have been very ill; and the thought that I had done this is very comforting and uplifting.

Thank you so much for this precious gift.

Gerry V.

P.S.= Thanks so much for the DVDs. I wish I could give so much more to your wonderful organization. Hard time!