Carol D., MSN. FNP-c-Adoption

Carol D., MSN. FNP-c-Adoption

September 21, 2000

I have had the pleasure of two coincidental encounters with Kate Carter, President of LifeChronicles, as a patient. Our conversation drifted off to her passion with her videotaping. It was easy to hear her enthusiasm and dedication, but my own personal role as an Adoptive Mother of three children was also shared. My situation is not the point of this letter but the importance of Kate’s work brought back questions of “What if my children’s birth mothers were each unique. I often wonder if they had had a chance to leave a powerful “heart to heart” message to their birth children (my children), might they have been eased of some of the mental stress and the after effect?

As a nurse practitioner with ten years of experience, I have had many close relationships with patients involved in adoption. Obviously, the birth mothers and adoptees seemed to have the most lingering unanswered questions. It has always been said that the two most common questions that an Adoptee has is “Who do I look like?” and “Why was I placed for Adoption?” I professionally have found that most Birth mothers don’t really know if the child will get to know their personal situation and/or their reasons for the placement.

After my discussion with Kate, I truly felt this was an untouched avenue for many questions to be answered. Certainly, no matter what we do, placing a child for adoption is one of the most unselfish, heart-ripping sacrifices that a mother can fulfill. I pray that LifeChronicles can make a difference in those who have the opportunity to use their service. May Birthmothers have the chance to tell their story to the most important audience of all; their Child.

Carol M. Dodero, MSN. FNP-c