Renee C – Her Father’s Video

Renee C – Her Father’s Video

I wanted to personally thank you for taping my father, Jeff.

My father had been told his cancer was terminal, but he didn’t want to accept it. My brother and I both traveled to see him and say goodbye. We tried to get him to use this time to tell us everything he would have wanted to tell; advice for being parents, wisdom about marriage… but to him, talking this way was accepting his fate, and he wasn’t ready or willing to emotionally go there.

Why he agreed to do LifeChronicles I don’t know. I think it was a safe venue for him to say everything he had wanted to, but wouldn’t let himself do face to face. Three days after you filmed him, he passed. His final days had little suffering and came quickly.

While we will never know, my brother and I truly believe his passing was so quick b/c of LifeChronicles. We believe he finally had a chance to say everything he wanted to say in a safe way.

I look forward to seeing the video when it is complete, but regardless, I want to thank you for giving my dad a venue to express himself, say goodbye and ultimately let go.