Tracy & Joe’s girls

Tracy & Joe’s girls

Nominate LifeChronicles!

Hello all…I am going to ask for your help…which I don’t usually!! Please read the attached email. It is from LifeChronicles, they are the non profit organization that taped my late husband Joe, prior to his death. He made a tape for the girls & I that spoke of his wishes for their individual lives as well as my own after his passing. LifeChronicles arranged the taping, editing and even sent us four copies (one for Jessica, Miranda, Karly & Lilah) to have when they are older. We have watched this tape a few times and I imagine we will countless times in the future. Especially the girls. It is very easy for a memory of a loved one to fade. They are never forgotten, but their mannerism, voice, smile and individual ways become distant memories. This was the best gift that we could give the girls…when they miss their father or in Lilah’s case who will never know him in her own memory…can actually see him!! He was able to let them know how much he truly loved them…straight from his mouth to their eyes…not someone else telling them. He expressed what he wanted to see them accomplish and most of all that he wanted them to be kind to others and never let him become a forgotten father. I cannot tell you how VERY valuable this has been to have for the girls. And most of all…………IT DIDN’T COST US A DIME!!!!

I have often wanted to make a donation, or do something to give back to them for this wonderful gift that they have given to my girls. Most of you were there through this trying time in my life and what great support you all were. I am just asking you to jot a note to the link in the email to help them possibly receive some much needed funding by nominating them!!

Thank you so much for your time, support & love!!!

Tracy & Joe’s girls!!!!!!!